Multicoloued Zulu Wire Flared Top Vase

Approximately 7" Across x 8.5" Tall

These colorful African baskets are hand woven using plastic-coated wire and sometimes feature shimmering copper accents.
You will receive the exact basket pictured above.
This vase shape is very unusual. It does not hold water - it is great for dried flowers, or you can insert your own cup inside for using with fresh flowers.
These are incredible, intricately designed African baskets, some using accents of bare copper wire.
The past and the future are fused together in the creation of this beautiful basket. Zulu weavers have taken the intricate designs and incredible craftsmanship of their natural fiber baskets and turned them into brightly-colored art using plastic-coated wire.
Mesmerizing designs and vibrant colors are a hallmark of this functional art.
Wash gently with warm soapy water.