Little Mermaid (LED neon flex)


Be like a Mermaid + make a SPLASH!

Constructed with LED neon and mounted on clear acrylic cut-to-shape, this light will add some under the sea enchantment to any room while its coloured tubing ensures an impact both on and off.

Colour: Blue + Pink (coloured jackets)
Neon: LED Neon Flex
Mounted: Clear Acrylic backing cut to shape, around outer edges
Hanging: Wall mount hole and hook
Transformer: External - 12V Australian Certified
Power Cord: 1.5m of power cable which connects to a standard power plug
*International adapters available with this sign for USA, UK + Europe.
Dimmer: Available
Use: Designed for indoor use only
Dimensions: 35cm wide x 40cm high x 2.5cm wide
Warranty: 6-month warranty on electrical components

Neon colours in website images may vary slightly to actual colour based on lighting at time of shoot.