Bear 01

'Bear 01'
By artist Brock Q. Piper

mixed media on canvas 

Design Philosophy/ Product Background.

Brock Q. PIPER has been a practicing Australian artist for the past 12 years, painting in bold layered abstraction. His work is based on experience, time and place, embracing colour and movement within the work. He currently exhibits with Fenton and Fenton and Greedilulu in Victoria and PierMarq in NSW. His current subject matter has been the exploration of the life spirit of the bird, with their bold vibrant colours that explore movement and the fighting spirit of freedom. This has been captured in this product line, which endeavors to allow art to not only to touch the viewer, but to embrace them too.

Working with Melbourne textile designer Josephine Annear (MDes) the range has been developed collaboratively into a collection of limited edition silk scarves. Limited to a print run of 80 units of each design (5 designs in total are currently available) the designs are an exclusive and unique piece of art in themselves, reimagined from Brock’s bird series of paintings into pattern repeats that translate onto silk. Efforts are made to ensure ethical and sustainable production occur at all ends of the supply chain.