Babu Scarf

Babu Scarf



This unique one off piece is woven with beautiful blush pink cotton yarn, featuring a clay dotted line design throughout with indigo, mint and yellow braids and hand made tassels. It is beautiful as a scarf, throw, wall feature or even a table runner.


This collection features stunning one off cotton scarves and throws hand woven by Hareshbhai, a talented weaver from the Bhujodi village in the Kutch Desert.

Kutch is home to some of India’s most talented artisans that have been trading incredible, hand made textiles for hundreds of years.

Hareshbhai has been weaving full time since he was 15, for the past 2 years he has been able to work for himself on his home loom, creating his own designs, introducing new aesthetics into the traditional supplementary weft style unique to his region.


Please wash your artisan piece by hand with gentle detergent in warm water.

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