Jacaranda Oyster Dream Pendant

Jacaranda Oyster Dream Pendant 


The jacaranda pods pendants are part of a community project in a very very small rural town called McGregor in the Western Cape of South Africa. Started by a local creative farmers wife , she was commissioned by a local craft exhibition to crest a piece to hang in the exhibition and whola the Jacaranda pendant was founded! We have sent Jacaramda pendants all around the world and the same 11 women who started with the business are still there 13 years later, some even having their children now working there!

jacaranda trees are an aliens species in South Africa, the the timber is used to carve an array of items (furniture, crafts etc) and the seed pods would be harvested and used for musical instruments in traditional ceremonies.

The jacaranda pods used in our ‘Oyster’ dream are dipped in a paint/plaster solution with Zulu beads and crystals hand threaded onto fishing line.....such a beautiful finish. We also make to measure and have done some incredibly large pieces which are truly amazing!!

120cm h x 30cm diameter at the widest point 

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